What is Sex Coaching?

What is Sex Coaching?

Sex coaching is a new field in sexology. It is the perfect marriage between sexology and life/personal coaching aimed at resolving clients’ sexual concerns and assisting in the attainment of optimal sexual wellness.

A sex coach focuses on what the client wants to achieve and how they can help you get there. Sex coaching is client-centered, wellness-focused, future-focused, and goal-oriented.

Sex coaching is not sex therapy. It is empowering, sex-positive, and non-pathologizing. Unlike sex therapy, sex coaching is a shorter-term approach. We help you reach your sexual wellness goals faster.

Sex coaches come from all walks of life! You can train to be a Certified Sex Coach™ and clinical sexologist if you are interested in helping people find solutions to their sexual concerns and reach their full sexual potential.


Sex coaching is a rapidly growing and exciting profession that empowers you to turn your passion into cash. Do you love talking about sex? Are you the one all your friends turn to for sex advice? Are you already working with sex and want to deepen your skills to help people embrace and celebrate their sexual selves?

The Certified Sex Coach™ program at Sex Coach U is the most advanced, up-to-date, and in-depth sex coaching certification currently available in the world.

We’re looking for bright, dedicated people who are committed to making the world a more sex positive place, to helping others find sexual pleasure, sexual wellness, and sexual self-awakening. We’re also interested in enrolling people who are eager to launch a new career as a Sex Coach and are willing to put in the time and effort necessary to learn not only the Sexology and Coaching skills, but also the Business and Marketing skills needed to be successful.

It doesn’t matter where you come from or what previous experience you have—whether you’re a yoga teacher, counselor, Tantra expert, lawyer, energy healer, journalist, sex worker, retiree, or you just dream of a career change—you’ll fit right in with our worldwide sex coaching family.

As long as you have the right attitude and determination, we want to help you make your dreams of becoming a highly successful sex coach come true.

Sign up to get all the details about our upcoming training programs here: http://bit.ly/SCUnewsletter. You’ll also receive weekly sex coaching tips and the latest news in sexology.


Dangerous Sexual Side Effects – Does Too Much Love Lead to Prostate Cancer?

As the old saying goes, it is rather feasible to have too much of a good thing – however does this little treasure of knowledge truly put on the satisfaction of sex? Is it possible that way too much sex can have long-lasting effects for males’s wellness? Many scientists have wondered the very same point, and also laid out to see if they might locate solutions regarding whether there might be hazardous sexual side results.

Baby, You Are Overall Sexy, Where Should I Kiss First?

I like constructing out with my woman when we go over some fascinating subject. When I feel that her discussion is not going to end whenever quickly, I simply start kissing her. I don’t quit her from speaking; I simply keep kissing her. As well as, she gets my sensations too.

Are Penis Exercises Just a Wet Dream or Is It Actually Possible to Enlarge the Penis?

There is a huge interest in penis enlarging and enhancing workouts but at the same time there is the very same amount of suspicion. A great deal of men want to add some size and some guys desperately require to include some dimension. Yet it can not actually be possible, can it? Well the truth is that penile workouts do work and also I will certainly discuss a lot more about these exercises in this write-up.

Penis Enlargement Tips – Gain More Size and Make Gains Quicker With PIs!

Do you wish to make some penis gains? Do you wish to add some size to your manhood? Well great! That is genuine great! In this short article I am mosting likely to offer some suggestions on just how to make some serious gains with penile workouts by utilizing PIs.

Jelqing Tips for Making All Kinds of Penis Gains!

Do you intend to make some gains guy? Certain you do and also why not? There is nothing wrong with desiring to include some dimension to your system if you really feel that it needs some size. Numerous males have actually done it as well as a lot more meeting lives because of it and also a lot extra confidence. In this article I will certainly offer some pointers regarding jelqing.

More Sex for Better Health – 12 Reasons to Have Sex Every Night

Most guys do not require a listing of factors to have more sex – it feels good, he desires it, end of story. But also for those who do need a little additional inspiration, there are several tried and tested clinical reasons sex benefits the health! So, probably following time the other companion just isn’t in the state of mind, the adhering to factors can be listed on the pro-sex side of the discussion.

Embarrassing Penis Skin Problems and How to Solve Them

Guy usually have penis skin problems that are uneasy, however going over these issues with a physician can be difficult. To minimize a few of their anxiety, numerous common penile issues – and just how to fix them – are discussed below.

Taking The Lead In The Bedroom

Generally, a feminine woman desires her male to take the lead in bed, the majority of the time. If a man’s sexual competence is just one of the core ingredients in a woman’s surrender, after that his leadership in the bedroom is the natural expression of this ingredient.

STI Warnings – Signs of Dangerous Disease

An STI can be a significant health issue that surpasses the trouble of an aching penis. Although an infection can in some cases be asymptomatic, there are frequently cautioning signals a man ought to heed.

Talk Dirty To Me: A Guide for Women

Ladies, I am frequently requested an easy means to transform a guy on. One of the many enjoyable points to do both in as well as out of the bed room is to profane to every other. Cursing must begin outside of the bedroom and can assist you be extra spirited, obtain each various other switched on, and also result in even more eruptive sex.

Talk Dirty To Me: How to Get It by Giving It Good – A Guide for Men, By a Woman

Guys, I think you all can agree that a little dirty talk from your girl will obtain you going. However what is the very best method to urge her to participate in the fun? To get the round rolling? If you desire to get her to speak unclean to you, you ought to begin the conversation on your own. Get the dialogue began, as well as motivate her to take part. Like foreplay, unclean talk needs to be reciprocal. If you offer it excellent, you’ll obtain it in return. Below’s some step-by-step guidelines:

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